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  • Our goal at Tranquility Place is to treat patients with compassion, dignity, and respect in each phase of recovery. Throughout treatment, you will work closely with  a substance abuse counselor to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs with the goal of improving your quality of life and overcoming opioid dependency and maladaptive behaviors.

  • During treatment, you can expect to meet with your counselor regularly, attend life skills groups, take methadone on a daily basis, and develop recovery/stress management skills that will facilitate your ability to manage your relapse triggers and live a drug-free lifestyle. Your progress in treatment will be measured by several techniques, including random urine drug screens, which are collected monthly or more frequently as clinically indicated. Tranquility Place has medical access Monday through Friday to evaluate and adjust doses and provide intake physicals.  

  • Ongoing research demonstrates that it can take several years for the brain to satisfactorily recover from excessive opioid abuse.  During this time  Tranquility Place offers medical and emotional support during your recovery journey.

  • Our weekly fee—$95.00 methadone, provides access to group and individual counseling, medical and dose evaluations, urinalysis, and coordination of dosing with other methadone clinics if you are vacationing or out of town. 

Medical is available 5 days a week!!!
  • Check with your counselor first



Required for initial intake:

  • State approved ID

  • Social Security number


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