Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to offer inclusive services to individuals affected by substance addiction through medication assisted treatment, education, resources and community awareness to live a more productive life in the community.

Tranquility Place believes that a highly personalized approach to rehabilitation will result in improvements in the life of the client. Tranquility Place provides our patients, their families and communities with education, services, systems and support networks that enables positive and maintainable change. Our goal is to actively involve our clients in appropriate, personalized treatment using medication assited treatment and counseling with the client's best interest and wellbeing.

We are located at:
160 East 800 South Suite B
Salt Lake City,Utah 84111

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:
After hours # : 801.598.0511
Office Phone #: 801.924.9240
Fax Phone #: 801.924.9241